Greer Amps - Southland, Rich Harmonics-Filled Overdrive Tone

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The Southland Harmonic Overdrive will fit with any musical style, and pairs amazingly well with the Greer Amps Lightspeed.  If you're looking for two pedals that stack amazingly well together, and can give you a rich, harmonics-filled overdrive tone, then it's time to get a Southland Harmonic Overdrive, AND a Lightspeed Organic Overdrive, today!!!

The Southland Harmonic Overdrive is built on the Lightspeed Organic Overdrive platform. Greer Amps has developed what we believe to be one of the best overdrives on the market.  The Lightspeed was built with the specific purpose of being a light to mild overdrive.  The Southland is the next logical step for the Lightspeed platform—more gain, with two stages of clipping (utilizing different diode types for each stage of clipping), a focused midrange (not that annoying “hump”), and a bit of presence on top of the signal, to help cut through the mix.  The Southland Harmonic Overdrive, like the Lightspeed, is touch sensitive, responds to pick attack, and has dynamics that just won’t stop.  On top of that, Greer selected a chip to drive the Southland that takes it to another level.

  • Amazing mild to medium overdrive and crunch!
  • Thick harmonics, amazing sustain!
  • Focused midrange (without the annoying hump), and extended presence range, to help cut through the mix!
  • True Bypass!
  • Uses 9-Volt battery or standard neg. center, 2.1mm power supply.
  • Built with top quality components
  • Lifetime Warranty to the original owner!

***NOTE*** There have been quite a few questions about whether or not the Southland and Lightspeed cover the same territory.  The truth is that they don't.  The revoicing of the circuit to have more of a focus on the mids, and more presence in the top end, as well as the increase in gain of the circuit, push the Southland to a place that the Lightspeed doesn't get of the primary goals with the development of the Southland was to create a pedal that was different, AND would work well together with the Lightspeed.  The combination of the Southland and the Lightspeed make for one of the most heavenly overdriven tones we've ever heard...and we're okay with that!


      All Greer Amps pedals carry a lifetime warranty against workmanship to the original owner, so long as no modifications have been made, and the internal wiring/circuit has not been altered in any way.  This warranty is not transferable in any way. What does this mean for you, if you purchase one of our pedals? It means that if you have an issue with one of our pedals, we will fix it, most of the time at no cost to the original owner. The owner must provide a copy of the original receipt and is responsible for covering shipping to Greer Amps. We take care of everything from there. If there are any issues with parts that have failed or if the pedal has been used incorrectly, or abused, we charge only for the parts that need to be replaced. For instance: If your switch fails, we charge you for the cost of the switch, and that's all. We take care of the labor and return shipping to you, if you are within the USA. International customers may have to pay shipping both ways, but the repair will be handled as disclosed above. No other warranties are either implied or expressed. Greer Amps reserves the right to void warranties if modifications have been made to products, or if products are deemed to have been used improperly, or abused. These terms are subject to change, although they haven't in 16 years.

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