Dudebroski Guitars provides refurbished guitars and basses from the nation’s largest wholesaler with over 20 years of service to the music industry

and we’re proud to be associated with them. All refurbished guitars come direct from the manufactures and represent over 30 major brands.These instruments are required to be sold as “used” due to manufacturer guidelines. The first thing you will notice is the manufacturer's serial number was removed and replaced. Second, the word “used” is lightly stamped on the back of the headstock. These two steps are taken to protect the interests of the manufactures and prevent the filing of improper warranty claims.

All refurbished guitars are thoroughly inspected via a six point process.

Some instruments may have a cosmetic flaw, need a minor repair or require new electronics. Others need nothing at all and are just heavily discounted or discontinued, it really varies. But all refurbished guitars are quality inspected and set-up by highly experienced repair techs. In fact, this restoration facility was awarded a “Gold” level certification from Fender® and employs several “Gold”, “Silver” and “Bronze” level repair technicians. The end result is a high quality brand name refurbished guitar at a heavily discounted price. We believe these guitars and basses will provide you the very best value for your “used” guitar dollar. However, quantities for our refurbished guitars and basses are always limited to one or just a couple. In addition, they are always in demand because of the discounted price. So if you see one you like, you better grab it. Chances are, we will not get it again 

After working for a large chain retailer and pulling hundreds in not thousands of guitars out of boxes to hang on the wall, I can personally attest to the quality of these refurbished instruments. They are as good as new once they have passed all the quality inspections. If it wasn’t for the stamp on the back of the headstock and new serial number, you would never know the difference.

The quality is just that good and our refurbished guitars are a tremendous value for your hard earned guitar dollar.