Meet Creation Music Company

Creation Music Company was started in the Summer of 2013 as a tiny garage/basement operation by John Snyder and father Bruce Snyder to meet the growing demand of the custom pedalboard world. They are driven by a love of music and providing quality gear to the music world. Years of textile and woodworking experienceare what set Creation pedalboards apart from all the others. These boards are both beautiful and built to last. I mean... these dovetails are simply magical.

Creation builds product from the highest quality materials available and take time to ensure that all workmanship will last. Each board is handmade and painstakingly assembled for a truly unique space to layoutyour pedal configuration. They are designed with the gigging musician in mind. Portable, quick, designed to be different and will definitely impress. You spend a lot of time and money picking out your pedals. Why not put them on something that will impress as much as your tone?

Want to talk custom shop? Custom woods, colors, hook-ups and designs can be had, inquire with DudeBroSki for details.



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