Dudebroski Guitars, this is our story.

Greetings, and thank you for stopping by. Dudebroski Guitars is here to earn your business, one sale at a time.


David Slivinski is a lifelong musician and started playing in high school rock-n-roll bands in the late 80's. Since then, David has played in multiple bands, toured, did time in one those national music retail chains, owned a music booking agency, spent over a decade in the corporate world and has come back full circle again to guitars.


Dudebroski thru the years


Dudebroski Guitars incorporated in 2015 out of a pure passion for rock-n-roll and the instrument that makes it all happen (IMO), the guitar. Prior to incorporating, Dudebroski Guitars was started with a single guitar flip on Craigslist. Then more gear flips turned into a little inventory and some cash flow. More Inventory turned into our personal garage as a makeshift shipping warehouse and every closet in the house became storage. David has a very supportive wife and kids to say the least... All this while holding down a Corporate gig to pay the bills and fuel this new biz venture.

These humble beginnings are at the crux of Dudebroski Guitars core values. We are small biz, fiercely independent and a bit unorthodox when it comes to retail. We don't hold "normal business hours" primarily because this biz was built to sell online. However, we have a small showroom in Jacksonville, FL available by appointment for local sales and trades. Dudebroski doesn't just sell guitars, we provide the tools that allow you to be creative, more expressive, experiment with new sounds and ultimately be the guitar or bass player you want to be. Let's face it, we share something not everybody can do by strumming a few simple chords. Your instrument and tone are an extension of you, make it the best it can be. 


But where did the name Dudebroski come from?


Ha, well we get this a lot. You probably know a lot of Dudes out there, but only a few Dudebros and even less Dudebroski's. We've all been known to throw the word Dude around, but when you call someone a Dude and a Bro, it's a term of endearment. Clearly you're a good Dude, bro. And if your last name is of Polish decent? Boom, Dudebroski. It just seemed appropriate for guitars. In addition, Dudeism is a guiding force in our business philosophy, so there's that too... 

As always, if you see something you like, ask questions. We love to talk shop. If there's something you're looking for in particular, let us know and we can track it down. If you're local to Jacksonville or ever in the area, Dudebroski is available to show gear by appointment, just give us a call.

Your brother in tone, 

David Slivinski
Ph: (904) 372-8896

6950 Phillips Hwy #24 Jacksonville, FL 32216