Accel FX Power Source 10m, Regulated and Filtered Power Supply for 10 Pedals

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Accel FX Power Source 10m, Featuring 10 Regulated and Filtered Outputs with Over Voltage Protection.

But what does "regulated and filtered" power mean? Great question, a filter capacitor is used to reduce the impact of ripple voltage and placed across the positive and negative outputs of the power supply. The capacitor, which resists changes to voltage, will act like a regulator, smoothing the output voltage and allowing for normal operation.


Compact, Quality Build and will Supply Clean Power to Ten Pedals 

The Accel FX Power Source 10M features 10 regulated and filtered outputs with over voltage protection is sure to meet the needs of your everyday musician. The Accel 10M will power 9V effect pedals on 8 outputs which work with the majority of pedals these days. 9V power options: Outputs 1 - 7 (9V @ 100mA) Output 8 (9V @ 500mA). An effect pedal with the option of being powered by a 9V battery requires less than 70mA. These pedals can be powered by any of the Accel FX 10m outputs, 1 thru 8. Output 8 can power higher current 9V pedals and switchers up to 500mA, or a daisy chain could be used to power more than one 9V pedal on output 8. However, this would depend on each pedals current limitations. The Accel FX Power Source 10M features one 12V @ 100mA output and one 18V @100 mA output for your 12V and 18V effect pedals.

  • 10 Fully Regulated and Filtered Outputs with Overvoltage Protection.
  • Master on/off switch
  • Easy mount wings (since mounting setups vary, hardware is not supplied)
  • 7 (9V @ 100mA), 1 (9V @500mA), 1( 12V@ 100mA), 1 (18V@100mA).
  • Input adapter and all output cables included:
  • (2) 19.7” [50 cm] Negative Center Output Cables
  • (6) 27.5” [70 cm] Negative Center Output Cables
  • Weight: 1.5 lb's
  • Recent update to the LED Colors. LED colors are dependent on the power supplies out Voltage /mA's as follows:

    Power-------------------- GREEN
    9V@100mA Outputs- RED
    9V@500mA Output---BLUE
    12V@100mA Output---YELLOW
    18V@100mA Output---ORANGE

Power Supply Body: (5.96"" L x 1.75"" W x 1.25"" H), compact and easy to mount with two screws or velcro.

Power Supply Outputs:

    • 9V power options
      • Outputs 1 - 7: An effects pedals that has the option of being powered by a 9V battery requires less than 70mA and can be powered by any outputs 1- 8. Outputs 1 -7 are rated at 9V @100 mA
      • Output 8: Output 8 is designed for the higher current 9V effects pedals and switchers out on the market. Or a Daisy chain cable can be used to power more than one 9V pedal for these outputs depending on each pedals current limitations.
    • 12V power options
      • Output 9: A 12V @ 100mA output, which is designed to accept BOSS ACA type pedals and some digital modeling pedals
    • 18V power option
      • Output 10: An 18V for pedals that require 18V

    Accel FX is Solid Gear at an Affordable Price Point. Limited 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty for the original registered purchaser.


    Accel FX Power Source 10m, Featuring 10 Regulated and Filtered Outputs with Over Voltage Protection.



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